Ieranto bianco
Penisola Sorrentina DOC Bianco

The Sorrento Peninsula is the result of white wine vinification at controlled temperatures of local varieties by 30% to 50% Falanghina and Greco for the remaining 20%.

It 'a white well-structured and easy to drink, is a fitting companion of Sorrento seafood specialties, from appetizers to risotto to grilled fish. And 'the Sorrento to drink.

Ieranto rosso
Penisola Sorrentina DOC Rosso

The hilly area of the Sorrento Peninsula hides the pearls of rare beauty are small vineyards planted to Aglianico and Piedirosso.

From their grapes we get the Sorrento Peninsula red wine, a light wine and balanced to taste her wedding rolls of eggplant, meat chops, roast pork, spaghetti with octopus with tomato Vesuvius; traditional pairing with gnocchi Sorrento .

Aglianico IGT Beneventano

This robust and full-bodied wine comes from grapes of Aglianico processed and refined into pure steel.

The pleasant woodiness that pervades the palate is a characteristic of the grape variety and is ideal for a complete meal of rabbit meat, veal and lamb and seasoned cheeses.

Aged will be the perfect wine to accompany the cheeses ripened at length and pork.

Piedirosso IGT Beneventano

Piedirosso is one of the most appreciated wines in Campania.
The small red grapes ripen late and the wine that is obtained is very light and elegant.With the aging body turns buying and fruity notes.
Thanks to the drinkability lends itself to many combinations: it is ideal for the kitchen of the South Sea, for vegetable dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, with pasta dishes with tomato sauce, chicken and rabbit cacciatore and some cheese cool.

Falanghina IGT Beneventano

On the good food in Campania if you take the glasses are fishy smell of Falanghina.

We produce it according to tradition.
The white wine for excellence with its pale yellow color, fruity smell and taste fresh triumphs on fried calamari, the pasta with seafood, fish all'acquapazza.

Served cold drink is a pleasant summer.



Aironebianco® vino da tavola bianco

Aironebianco ® is the result of a careful selection of grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia.

The accents of fruity Trebbiano mitigate the acidity of Malvasia doing triumph over the whole meal taste fresh and unique.
It goes well with seafood and vegetables is dedicated to those who love Mediterranean flavors and simple cooking and light.

Tizianorosso® vino da tavola rosso

The meeting of two old grape of Montepulciano and Merlot comes Tizianorosso.

The characteristics of the grapes used make it strong and balanced.Fruity, full bodied and low woodiness make wine that can not miss the good food being highly drinkable throughout the meal.
Happily married menu of meat, vegetables and sausages.